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US-3632349-A: Silver halide supersensitized photographic emulsion patent, US-3741468-A: Preparation of perforated jacquard cards or papers patent, US-3748376-A: Recording system for color video signals patent, US-3838487-A: Apparatus for aligning welding joints patent, US-4076797-A: Radioimmunoassay patent, US-4139640-A: Method of effecting the aerobic thermophilic decomposition of organic waste materials patent, US-4170426-A: Bale disintegrator and method patent, US-4221810-A: Antiulcer compounds patent, US-4327555-A: Solar air conditioning system patent, US-4386166-A: Foam prepared from an unsaturated polyester resin copolymerization monomer, low molecular weight polyol, and isocyanate patent, US-4473607-A: Walking-beam billet carrier tile patent, US-4521619-A: Therapeutically useful sulphur-containing benzylidene derivatives patent, US-4679005-A: Phase locked loop with frequency offset patent, US-5040585-A: Solar cell panel assembly for driving a motor-driven screen apparatus patent, US-5093398-A: Dispersions of copolymers containing perfluoroalkyl groups patent, US-5108840-A: Multilayer electronic circuit article having a poly(naphthyl ether) dielectric patent, US-6214593-B1: Encapsulation of supported animal cells using gas-phase inorganic alkoxides patent, US-3602963-A: Apparatus for producing bricks patent, US-3936308-A: Photographic emulsions containing methine dyes having a 1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyrazine nucleus patent, US-4112682-A: Master cylinder assemblies patent, US-4318820-A: Chiral supports for resolution of racemates patent, US-4369218-A: Felt for dehydration of a fiber web patent, US-4463973-A: Sealed hinge patent, US-4524896-A: Reversible staple feeder shoe and door system for the magazine of a staple driving tool patent, US-4567375-A: Soft switch with positive on and off states patent, US-4649163-A: Flame-retardant polyurethane foam and polyol composition therefor patent, US-4874753-A: Insecticidal composition patent, US-4882408-A: One-component polyurethane systems containing viscosity-regulating substances patent, US-5100822-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of production thereof patent, US-5166798-A: Color TV with satellite broadcast receiver internally installed patent, US-5194222-A: Alloy and composite steel tube with corrosion resistance in combustion environment where v, na, s and c1 are present patent, US-5240334-A: Hand held multiline printer with base member for guiding patent, US-5523921-A: Printed circuit assembly having improved reference plane isolation patent, US-5767556-A: Field effect transistor patent, US-5894407-A: Enclosures for heat producing devices patent, US-6040504-A: Cotton promoter patent, US-6578259-B2: Automated in-line filter changing apparatus patent, US-3467471-A: Plasma light source for spectroscopic investigation patent, US-3621079-A: Graft of hydroxyalkyl methacrylate onto polyvinylpyrrolidone patent, US-3891540-A: Combination operation to maximize fuel oil product of low pour patent, US-3963814-A: Method for hermetically sealing a rigid panel patent, US-4107101-A: Process for the production of crosslinked, urethane-containing plastics patent, US-4168123-A: Aircraft weapon systems patent, US-4286983-A: Algicidal composition and method of preventing or controlling algae with said composition patent, US-4465718-A: Poly (meth)acrylate compounds and their use in anaerobic adhesives and sealants patent, US-4581220-A: Process for the extraction of metal values and novel metal extractants patent, US-4978584-A: Magneto-optical storage medium patent, US-5255271-A: Integrated circuit internal test mode indicator circuit patent, US-5758010-A: Reproducing apparatus with time base corrector patent, US-5765452-A: Method for improving the endurance of a blade base of a disc chipper, a blade base of a disc chipper and a disc chipper patent, US-5860079-A: Arrangement and method for efficient calculation of memory addresses in a block storage memory system patent, US-6274264-B1: Cell current cutoff mechanism patent, US-6319442-B1: Process of making a thermoplastic adhesive dispensing tape patent, US-6490509-B1: Car controlling unit using a multitasking system patent, US-6552268-B2: Insulation displacement connector with a wire ejection feature patent, US-3574365-A: Lock for detachably mounting a tape reel hub to a drive shaft patent, US-3714412-A: Bicycle lamp radio device patent, US-3814941-A: Loading syringe for use with radioactive solutions and other non-sterile solutions patent, US-3871817-A: Simultaneous dyeing and crosslinking of cellulosic fabrics patent, US-3937871-A: Code communication patent, US-4022080-A: Transcription mechanism for tape player patent, US-4073334-A: Tilting tundish patent, US-4168936-A: Stuffing box patent, US-4359480-A: Production of a soybean meal patent, US-4418460-A: Method and apparatus for separating a lid from a container patent, US-4651788-A: Apparatus for simultaneously filling a plurality of containers with liquid, gaseous or solid substances patent, US-4782637-A: Frame structure patent, US-4806580-A: Stabilizer mixtures for plastics patent, US-4860922-A: Automatic dispenser for cylindrical commodities, in particular packets of coin patent, US-4901159-A: Magnetic recording apparatus for recording video and two kinds of audio signals patent, US-5045339-A: Pet food and method of preparation patent, US-5338110-A: Circuit, having multiple series resonant paths, for lighting a blinking fluorescent lamp without adversely affecting lamp life patent, US-5477076-A: Integrated circuit having an on chip thermal circuit requiring only one dedicated integrated circuit pin and method of operation patent, US-5623158-A: Infrared sensing device patent, US-5860197-A: Centering Clamp patent, US-5928149-A: Electromagnetic object detector with test electrode for a medical diagnostic apparatus patent, US-5957037-A: Heat exchange apparatus patent, US-6239121-B1: 4- Halogenated steroids, preparation method and intermediates, application as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing same patent, US-6282083-B1: Computer mainframe and stand arrangement patent, US-6317005-B1: Process of clock recovery during the sampling of digital-type signals patent, US-6417841-B1: Information extraction apparatus and method patent, US-3615247-A: Modified combustion zone in a thermally insulated apparatus patent, US-3990858-A: Device for retaining particulate material in upflow tubes patent, US-4071268-A: Pressure compensated slide joint patent, US-4116594-A: Embossing apparatus having magnetic roller and flexible embossing plates therefor patent, US-4120817-A: Extraction agent composition patent, US-4169513-A: Signal actuating device patent, US-4266904-A: Adjustable load lifting spreader frame patent, US-4326888-A: Anti-rust composition patent, US-4372770-A: Melting glass with two stage NOx control patent, US-4385023-A: Method of making a lens barrel assembly patent, US-4476003-A: Chemical anchoring of organic conducting polymers to semiconducting surfaces patent, US-4769116-A: Hydrometallurgical process for an overall recovery of the components of exhausted lead-acid batteries patent, US-4997678-A: Chemical vapor deposition process to replicate the finish and figure of preshaped structures patent, US-5165089-A: Optical disk players having readback circuits with noise rejection and read signal retiming patent, US-5360628-A: Technique for labeling an object for its identification and/or verification patent, US-5538860-A: Method for the local composting and drying of organic wastes and relative device patent, US-5734585-A: Method and apparatus for sequencing power delivery in mixed supply computer systems patent, US-5929711-A: PLL circuit with pseudo-synchronization control device patent, US-5934661-A: Friction paper-feed method and apparatus capable of preventing paper-feed failure caused by slippage patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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